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There’s an Elephant in My Room
BASICS by Paul Chasman
One Man Guitar Festival
The Last of Us, Original Soundtrack, music by Paul Chasman
I Hope
Real Songs by Paul Chasman
Songs from the Bay
Sonatas 1 & 2
The Heavy Gauge String Band with Paul Chasman, Tom Miller and Gordon Keane
Summit Meeting
Acoustic Guitar Summit


There’s an Elephant in My Room

With the help of stellar Portland musicians such as Cal Scott, Richard Moore, Rindy Ross, Terry Robb, and many more, Paul has released his most ambitious album to date.  Fourteen original songs featuring vivid poetry, inspired guitar playing, and biting satire.

BASICS by Paul Chasman

Paul completes his reincarnation as a singer/ songwriter with his songs about life, love, dogs, cats, and  Muhammad Ali, along with his trademark “Pissy Songs.”  And for fans of Paul’s guitar playing, not to worry.  There’s still plenty of guitar. Harmonica too. 

One Man Guitar Festival by Paul Chasman

Paul celebrates fifty years of guitar playing with music from all phases of his career, from blues to bluegrass, Bach to Beatles, “real songs” and original compositions, played on two different steel string guitars, a classical, and an 8 string.

The Last of Us, Original Soundtrack, music by Paul Chasman

Guitar Intro, Cafe, Narrator, Zhabka the Frog, Mother Lullabye, Father Reads the News, Narrator (end of Act 1), Detention Guitar solo, Detention Ensemble, Clarinet Interlude, She Wolf, Mother, Father, Franz, Arrested in America, Violin Interlude, Rappaport, Last Dance, Finale, Fairy Tale, Father, Franz, Detention, Arrested in America

I Hope - Music by Paul Chasman

Guitars: Paul Chasman, Doug Smith
Cello: Hamilton Cheifetz

Guitar solo: I Hope,
Trio: Joy, All the Pretty Little Horses, Hymn, Friends, Love Song, The Powers That Be, Light Another Candle, Grace, Don Quixote, I Hope

Real Songs - Arr. Paul Chasman

Fools Rush In, Nuages, Sunshine of Your Love, Quiero Saber, Blackbird, 'Round Midnight, Solace, Pineapple Rag, Star Dust, The Ash Grove, Medley: Manha de Carnival, Samba de Orpheus, Windows, Here, There, and Everywhere, Minuano, My Cup Runneth Over

Songs from the Bay - Music by Paul Chasman

Conversations for Two Guitars features Paul Chasman and Doug Smith in four guitar duets. The guitars intertwine, harmonize, trade ideas, and respond to each other, and converse. Suite for Cello and Guitar: Songs from the Bay spotlights cellist Hamilton Cheifetz, with Paul Chasman in six pieces inspired by the wildlife and natural beauty of the Central Oregon Coast.

Sonatas No. 1 and 2 - Paul Chasman

Sonata No. 1
  1. Dark Dance
  2. Emerging
  3. In Waltzed Anna
  4. Light
Sonata No. 2
  1. Ode to the Big Guy
  2. Tears
  3. Waltz in the Morning Mist
  4. All of the Above

Sonata No. 7 - Prokofiev, trans. Paul Chasman

Movements I, II, and III

Heavy Gauge String Band

A look into a pivotal year when Paul Chasman was cutting his teeth on bluegrass and blues and beginning to come into his own.

Summit Meeting - The Acoustic Guitar Summit

Featuring Paul Chasman, Terry Robb, Doug Smith, Mark Hanson

Summit Meeting, Nuages, Muskrat Ramble, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Mystery Train, Embryonic Journey, Good Question, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Spouting Horn, Mr. Sandman, Would You Like to Play the Guitar, Sultans of Swing, What a Wonderful World

The Acoustic Guitar Summit

Featuring Paul Chasman, Terry Robb, Doug Smith, Mark Hanson

Bye Bye Blues, Medley: Apache/Good, Bad, and the Ugly, Sunday Sonata, Windy and Warm, Clair de Lune, Sweet Rotunda, Gramma Jean, Steel Guitar Rag, Drake's Passage, Cascade Lightning, Grandpa's Boy, Stars and Stripes Forever, The Water is Wide, Lady Madonna

Out of Print: Just To Dance, So Be It, Modern Art, Solo Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Summit

The making of BasicsThere’s An Elephant in My Room

With his new CD, “There’s An Elephant in My Room,” Paul Chasman celebrates his return to the Portland, Oregon area after a 16 year absence, reuniting with old friends and making some new ones along the way.  With 14 new songs that Paul made up all by himself, “Elephant” cuts a wide swath of topics and styles from a Dixieland band in the title tune to a bluegrass burner in “Frankie Said the ‘F’ Word,” to a doo-wop chorus accompanying  Paul’s ode to Sarah Palin.  Paul Chasman and the Awesome Portland Players have released a memorable CD showcasing Paul’s formidable songwriting, arranging, and guitar skills while reflecting the flavor of Portland’s vibrant music community.