There's an Elephant in My Room by Paul Chasman

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What do a Dixieland combo, a bluegrass band, a doo-wop chorus, a shredding electric guitar, and an acoustic folk ballad have in common? They are all part of Paul Chasman's CD, "There's an Elephant in My Room." The common thread is Paul's insightful and ironic lyrical sense combined with inspired musicality and masterful guitar playing. From the biting satire of the title song, to the hilarity of "Frankie Said the 'F' Word," the powerful blues of "Keep on Walkin' " to the apocalyptic vision of "Planet of the Apes," to the love song for Sarah Palin, "There's an Elephant in My Room" is a skillfully woven reflection of Paul Chasman's deep, dark, funny, and quirky world view.


The making of BasicsThere’s An Elephant in My Room

With his new CD, “There’s An Elephant in My Room,” Paul Chasman celebrates his return to the Portland, Oregon area after a 16 year absence, reuniting with old friends and making some new ones along the way.  With 14 new songs that Paul made up all by himself, “Elephant” cuts a wide swath of topics and styles from a Dixieland band in the title tune to a bluegrass burner in “Frankie Said the ‘F’ Word,” to a doo-wop chorus accompanying  Paul’s ode to Sarah Palin.  Paul Chasman and the Awesome Portland Players have released a memorable CD showcasing Paul’s formidable songwriting, arranging, and guitar skills while reflecting the flavor of Portland’s vibrant music community.