Paulís debut as a singer/songwriter featuring songs of life, love, dogs, cats, topical issues, and Muhammad Ali.

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The making of BasicsMaking Basics

In spring of 2011, Paul Chasman released his CD celebrating 50 years of guitar playing, “One Man Guitar Festival.” Shortly after the CD release, Paul needed to have surgery on his left hand (because of 50 years of guitar playing!). In October 2011, while recovering from surgery and barely able to hold a “G” chord, Paul wrote a song. Then he wrote another. Then he couldn’t stop! Now, one year later, Paul Chasman has become reincarnated as a singer/songwriter. His debut vocal album features Paul singing his songs about life, love, dogs, cats, and Muhammad Ali, along with his trademark “Pissy Songs.” And for fans of Paul’s guitar playing, not to worry. There’s still plenty of guitar. Harmonica too.